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Setting up a Wireless Access Point

Extending your Wi-Fi Range

There are three main ways to extend your Wi-Fi range in your home.

Wireless Access Point:

The best and fastest option on the market is the wireless access point. This requires an Ethernet cable to connect from your home router to the access point located where there is no Wi-Fi accessibility (dead spot). The access point then acts as a gateway receiving signal from wireless devices in the area and transmitting them down the Ethernet cable to your router.


Fast, easy to setup, cheap and reliable.


Have to run a network cable through your house to connect to the access point.

Power line adapters:

Power line adapters are a good option if it is not possible to run an Ethernet cable round your home. The power line adapter uses your existing electricity circuit in your home to transmit the signal to any socket. Plug one device into a power socket near your router, connect a network cable from the device to the router, then place the other device in any power socket in a Wi-Fi dead spot. Please be advised, using a power line adapter requires the connected devices to be placed on the same electricity circuit (ring-main). Once connected, press the sync button on the device and this should connect. The power line adapter in the dead spot acts as a gateway, receiving signals from wireless devices in the area and transmitting them down the power cable in your walls, to the device connected to your router. 


Fast on same ring main, easy to setup, no cabling required and reliable.


Expensive and doesn’t work well on multiple ring mains.

Wireless Range Extender:

The wireless range extender works by receiving your Wi-Fi signal and repeating it to extend the range. These are cheap to buy but are the slowest option and needs to be in Wi-Fi range to extend the signal. You will need to configure the device with your Wi-Fi settings before it can connect to your network.


No cabling required, cheap.


Needs to be in Wi-Fi range, setup required prior to installation, slowest option.

Network Storage Device

To set up your ZTE router as a network storage device attach an external hard drive or USB memory stick then log into the router on with the username: admin and password: admin

Once logged in select application from the top menu then Samba services from the menu on the left

Change the host name to what you would like to be displayed. Click enable then submit.

Now you should see your network storage device under Network on your devices and be able to access all your media.



Using a small UPS plugged into your router will keep your internet connection up during a power outage, enabling you to use your internet connection on devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. These can be purchased from electrical stores.

Paying your Bill and Fees

GibFibreSpeed clients can make payments online, we use paperless billing. Invoices are sent to your E-mail address - click the link and press the make a payment button to pay your bill online.

Alternatively, you can come into store and pay your bill. 

If you have any queries or require any assistance please E-mail or call us on +350 22500000.

Your Contract

GibFibreSpeed currently has no minimum term contract on all our broadband packages. You may sign your contract in store or by signing up online, you can sign up online here: GibFibreSpeed - Sign-up Online

Setting up my FTTH router

Please read our FTTH router guider which explains exactly what steps are taken in order to set up your router and all its functionality.

FTTH Router guide

Setting up my Router for my PlayStation 4

Please read & follow instructions in the attachment provided to setup your PlayStation 4 to our wireless routers.

DMZ for Playstation 4

Information about NAT type and Playstation 4 can be found at

For instructions on setting up a static IP on your Playstation we recommend

Setting up my Router for my Xbox One

 Please read & follow instructions in the attachment provided to setup your Xbox One to our wireless routers. 

Xbox DMZ

More information about setting up Microsoft Xbox one can be found at

For instructions on setting up a static IP on your Microsoft Xbox one we recommend

Direct Connection

Connect your devices with a real IP

Tired of problems when accesing services like PSN? This is the solution. Forget about NAT types 2/3 and get NAT Type 1 in your PS4

Public IP address to your devices through a PPPoE session
Up to 3 devices

Call our customer services on Tel: 22500000 for more information

FTTH Installation Guide

When contracting a GibFibreSpeed Fibre-To-The-Home service, our Customer Support team will contact you to organise an installation. 

We shall install a fibre termination point (faceplate) and run a small thin (3mm) fibre optic cable into your property. This cable is run within the wall ducts of your home. Therefore, there are no newly laid cables visible in your property. The fibre cable exits your wall through a GibFibreSpeed wall socket, and connects directly into your home router. 

There are instances where the wall ducts have been broken and the fibre cable does not pass through. In this scenario, the fibre cable would have to be surface mounted along your property. Therefore, please be aware of the different scenario's which can effect your home installation and the visibility of cabling in your home.

Note: Router device requires a standard 240V power source to operate.

This is an image of the FTTH wireless router we install:



If your subscription payment is two weeks overdue, our policy is to suspend services. After a following two more weeks of suspended services if the subscription payment has still not been paid we will terminate services. If you would like to reconnect to our services once disconnected a re-connection fee applies.


Upon signing a contract with GIbFibreSpeed you will be given two personal e-mails. 

Online Security

GibFibreSpeed has its own softwares, hardwares & policies in operation for online client safety.

Moving home

If you are in the process of moving home, please inform us via Email or by calling us on: 22500000. If your new address is within ourGibFibreSpeed serviced areas we will continue your contract at your new address.

Reporting a Problem

To report a problem, please call 22500000 during normal working hours and press two for Technical Support - we will attend to the problem as soon as possible. 

If you encounter an issue after working hours, you can still call these numbers as we have an after hours on call service until 10pm weekdays and 10am-10pm weekends. 

You may also contact us via E-mail to for any issues.

Testing your speed

For an accurate reading when testing your broadband speed, you must connect your wireless router with an ethernet cable directly to your device and test using the following link: Speed Test. For an accurate reading test to Malaga. An example is shown in the following video: 

Sign-up Online

If you wish to sign up to GibFibreSpeed residential services you can do so online. This link: GibFibreSpeed - Sign-up Online takes you to our order now page where you can set up your installation online, it's quick and easy!

The process includes the input of your personal details and your GibFibreSpeed package, followed by payment.

Payment includes the one off £40 installation fee and first months subscription (depending on which package you choose). Your subscription payment does not become active until your installation has been completed.

Once you have completed the online sign-up process, we will call you to organise an installation.

Register your Interest

If you wish to contract GibFibreSpeed Services but your area is currently not in a GibFibreSpeed serviced zone, then you can Register your Interest. This allows us to keep record of your details and as soon as your area becomes available we will contact you to organise an installation.

You can check service availability in your area by following this link:  GibFibreSpeed - Elgibility, if your address does not appear in the eligibility list please contact us either via E-mail to or call us on: 22500000.

If you wish to Register your Interest in GibFibreSpeed Residential Services, you can do so by following this link:  GibFibreSpeed - Residential Services

If you wish to Register your Interest or make an Enquiry for a Small Business Service, you can do so by following this link:  GibFibreSpeed - Small Business Services

If you wish to enquire about GibFibreSpeed Corporate Services in your area, you can do so by following this link:  GibFibreSpeed - Corporate Services

Upgrading & Downgrading your Package

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your GibFibreSpeed service it's simple & easy. All you have to do is E-mail us to or call us on: 22500000 and provide the details of your upgrade/downgrade. This should include your name, address and the service you are currently on and the service you wish to change to.

Once we have these details we will change your speeds remotely.

Please be advised, the upgrade/downgrade will come into effect on your next billing date, as your new billing amount will be set to your next bill.

Customer Portal

Link to Customer Portal -

If you are unsure of your username, please email GibFibreSpeed at 

Please also forget password and create a new one for your login details.

Please find below the new payment procedure for your GibFibreSpeed bills

- A monthly statement will be sent to you on your billing anniversary date. Please check your junk folder if you have not received this in your inbox.

- Payment link and info about your outstanding invoices will appear in the email.

- Click the link and the new GibFibreSpeed customer portal will appear.

- You will be asked for your username and password, which are shown top of this email.

- If you do not remember or know your password, you will then need to click forget password.

- This will send you current password by email.Once you have logged into the portal, you can change the password to your desired one.

- The email address provided must be the same which you originally used to receive the invoice.

Making a Payment

- Once in the customer portal, click the balance section.

- Here you will be able to see all the invoices which are outstanding.

- Click on an outstanding invoice to pay.

- Step 1 – Select an invoice to pay

- Step 2 – Select payment type

- Step 3 – Make a payment, fill in the details and review payment

- Step 4 – Review and submit

Billing History

- To see your billing history, please click the billing section and the invoices sub-section.

- Here you are able to view receipt of payment and print if necessary.

Further Info

- You can view all your service information in the portal and edit any details.

- Please call our Customer Services Department on +350 22500000 (Option 1 for GibFibreSpeed then Option 1 for Customer Services) if you require any further information.

Please note, if you use our direct debit or bank transfer payment methods this will continue as normal.