About Us

As a leading communications provider it's not just the technology that interests us - what matters is how it can improve the lives and prospects of everyone. We believe in fibre optics, it makes good things happen for people, communities and businesses. We will do everything we can to ensure technology is a force for good. This is why we’re committed to providing the best guidance, support and services.


The broadband industry is changing and it's all down to the use of fibre optic cables, the fastest and most reliable way for us to bring broadband to your home. GibFibreSpeed is the newest Internet Service Provider in Gibraltar trading under A.J. Sheriff Electrical Ltd. We have been operating in the digital market for over 10 years and have always been determined to offer a high-quality service at a competitive price. We are now proud to announce the offering of latest & most advanced broadband technology - Fibre To The Home (FTTH). We are introducing new fibre optics technology using our own independent all-fibre network infrastructure, we do not rent any lines off any other operators and we are therefore able to provide broadband services at rock bottom prices.

Company History

GibFibreSpeed is an offshoot of the Sheriff group of companies based in Gibraltar which began over 80 years ago in 1927. Our experience in the industry is extremely extensive and our knowledge of the market is ever-growing. As a well established and reliable business, we are trusted in the local market. Our latest venture reflects our ethos to continually enhance our customers experience by using the latest technologies and the most advanced equipment available in the industry. 

Mission Statement

GibFibreSpeed’s mission is to revolutionise Gibraltar’s broadband offering by providing Fibre To The Home to all homes and businesses at competitive prices.

Vision Statement

To become the leading communications provider in Gibraltar and an international gateway for global organisations to enter our unique strategic location & economy.

What the FTTH Council Europe says.

The Fibre To The Home Council Europe only promote the broadband technologies FTTH because they believe that only this solution offers the bandwidth and symmetry necessary to allow the development of services and applications that make a difference to the way we live and work*.


Fibre To The Home (FTTH)



FTTH wireless router

Our Basic, Enhanced, Premium, Ultimate & Custom broadband packages include a GibFibreSpeed (GPON) modem - features include: speeds of 2.5Gbps download & 1.25Gbps upload

IPTV Set-top Box:

PVR: – choose programme from EPG and record it to watch whenever you like, Multimedia Centre and access to a whole range of online content.


  • 20 Catch-up channels
  • 2 Weeks Catch-up
  • Electronic Programme Guide
  • Timeshift functionality

GibFibreSpeed Office

* Information gathered from: FTTH Council Europe