Why choose GibFibreSpeed Internet & TV

Gibsat in conjunction with GibFibreSpeed are now offering an upgraded Fibre TV service.

Investment in the latest technologies allow Gibsat to deliver high quality TV channels via 100% fibre, offering Gibsat customers a comprehensive “All in One” service.


There is no need to lay new cabling to each TV point nor purchase any new TV boxes for your televisions, keep your existing TV & Remote control.


Save money when upgrading to GibFibreSpeed. No need for extra messy cables to each television, keep everything the way you are used to.

GibFibreSpeed also offer IPTV with catch up TV, recording and all the latest features should you want them. The IPTV feature is an optional extra to Fibre TV but the TV content is provided by Gibsat so you get all the channels you are familiar with.

200 Fibre TV channels and ultrafast fibre internet starts from just £15per month! 


Start to finish 100% fibre optic network gives your internet connection Ultrafast Speed and Reliability.

With speeds from 20Mb to 300Mb you can download and stream anything you want. Fibre is future proof technology and we can simply increase our speeds by flipping a switch in our headend offices. Therefore, we can cater for any future demands of the internet, our network is capable of handling 10Gbps of internet speeds.

When the upgrade reaches your area there will be minimal works to be carried out in your home. You will be able to keep your current set up and benefit from Fibre TV, Ultrafast internet and telephone line services with free calls to other GibFibreSpeed clients. 

Take advantage of this offer now by clicking the transfer button below. Alternatively, contact us by phone on 200 65155 or visit the Gibsat shop in Watergardens or GibFibreSpeed shop in Waterport terraces.

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