Terms and Conditions 

Recruiting a Friend is a great way to tell others about GibFibreSpeed and earn Free Internet. With our recruit a friend offer, there are a few rules (or Terms and Conditions, but let’s not get too formal) so everyone plays fair. Once The Referee and the Referrer qualifies for the below criteria, they will receive 1 months worth of Free Internet.

The Referrer; 

  1. There’s no limit as to how many friends you can Recruit to GibFibreSpeed. 
  2. The Referee must be completely new to GibFibreSpeed. 
  3. The Internet package for 10Mbps will only be eligible for the 1 Months Free Internet.
  4. The 1 Month of Free Internet will be issued once the Referee has signed up with GibFibreSpeed.
  5. For every addition Friend you Recruit, we will add an extra Month of Free internet to your account (2 Friends Recruited = 2 Months of Free Internet and so on).

The Referee;

  • You can start referring your own friends as soon as you have a GibFibreSpeed account.
  • Referee will qualify for the Free Internet for a month once they have signed up with GibFibreSpeed.
  • In order for both the Referee and Referrer to register on our system, the Referee must enter the Referrer details below as shown on the registration page.Register

What if… 

A referred friend cancels their account? The Terms and Conditions remain unchanged and you will be unaffected.. 

Rules or incentives change or end? It’s not often, but this can happen. If it does, GibFibreSpeed will reflect the changes here. 

A referred friend or referring account holder has questions? GibFibreSpeed will reply and any decisions made will be at GibFibreSpeed’s sole discretion. 

Privacy is a concern? Rest easy — our Refer a Friend programme uses our website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions so everyone’s completely safe.