Complaints Concerning Our Service

This Code of Practice explains how we treat complaints concerning service provision and matters such as billing etc. Our aim is to provide you with a first class service with which you are happy. If we have not managed that or have breached our service levels and have created a problem or otherwise you have a complaint with the service then in the first instance you should contact our customer service team whose number is shown on the website to explain your problem. We undertake to come back to you in respect of that complaint within 48 hours where that is at all possible.

We decide on compensation on a case by case basis.

Where we cannot resolve disputes, then we offer, at first instance, a service whereby we refer the dispute to a very experienced communications lawyer in London who has acted not just for operators but also consumers in a number of disputes and who also has experience of being a regulator. We agree to abide by our adjudicator’s position.

If you are not happy with our adjudicator’s route to solving the dispute the matter may be referred to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority who may in turn refer it to some independent person. The contact number for the customer service team and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority can be found at the end of this Code of Practice.

Nuisance Calls

No one likes nuisance calls or messages that do not comply with the privacy laws. If you contact us we will put you in touch with the relevant authorities such as the police in respect of nuisances. In respect of silent calling or repeated calling we may have some technological measures to alleviate problems by call barring and/or can make references to the regulator.

Useful Telephone Numbers

GF Customer Service: +350 225 00000

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority: +350 200 72166