Who are we?

1.The name of our company is GibFibre Limited. The trading name we use is GibFibreSpeed which is shorted in this document to “GFS”. Our office is Unit 5, Waterport Terraces, North Mole Road, Gibraltar and the office hours there are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.

What Services you take

2.The description of the services you have purchased will be attached to the Order and are likely to be referenced in the Terms and Conditions.


3.Standard tariffs, including periodic and rental charges, will be referenced in the Terms and Conditions you are given which may cross-reference to our website and to a document entitled Residential Clients Support attached to the Terms and Condition. The Pricing Schedule or the website sets out standard tariffs, including details of standard discounts and special or targeted tariff schemes showing, in particular, access charges, all types of usage charges and any maintenance charges.

Maintenance Levels

4.All types of maintenance services which we offer are set out in the Pricing Schedule and will be noted in your Order depending on which level of service you have chosen.

Standard Contract Conditions

5.Our standard contract conditions are set out in our Terms and Conditions and they set out any minimum period applicable to your contract.


6.GFS is committed to helping all customers to communicate as easily as possible. If customers are older or have a disability we may be able to assist by providing priority fault repair and assistance or additional help and support. You should contact us to discuss this.


7.If you are moving house then you should call us on our general telephone number to discuss moving your account and billing requirements and us helping you with the logistics of moving your communications services.

Directory Enquiries

8.You are entitled to a directory enquiry listing for your fixed numbers. You are also entitled not to be in the directory and you should let us know whether you wish to be ex-directory as soon as possible. You can change your mind about this at any time during the period in which we are providing you a service.

Emergency Services Numbers

9.If you call emergency service numbers such as 999 or 112 we will, if it is available to us, pass on your physical location to the emergency services. This may not be possible if the services concerned are provided using internet protocol on locations other than which is your billing address or stated address in our records where a particular number is used.

Itemised Billing

10.You have the right not to have itemised bills but we are willing to provide these where customers want them.

Non-Payment of Bills

11.If you do not pay your bill you should contact us straight away. We shall send you two working days’ notice of service interruption or disconnection following non-payment. Interruption or disconnection will be confined to services for which you have not paid.

Network Capacity

12.If the network (which is constantly monitored by us) appears to be at 70% capacity or more we will put in place further capacity to prevent overfilling. Your connection to your home will however, not exceed the bandwidth that you have contracted for.

Security Breaches

13.We constantly monitor for security breaches and integrity incidents on the network. We may have to suspend operation of the network or close down parts of it to prevent problems or rectify difficulties. You’ll be given as much as is practicable of such outages.

Penalties in termination

14.If you validly terminate the agreement between us under clause 14 of the terms and conditions relating to your right to terminate because we have varied or sought to vary the provisions of your agreement we will not seek to recover from you any charges for early termination.

A separate Code of Practice in relation to complaints and dispute resolution, which is available on our website, will be given to you as part of your Terms and Conditions package.